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Wuxi Jialine Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., established in 2006, belongs to Wuxi Chuangda New Materials Co., Ltd. and is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of liquid epoxy resin insulation packaging and bonding materials.
The product can be applied to the following aspects£º
1£©Automotive electronics industry: ignition coils for automobiles and motorcycles, insulation potting and bonding of various types of sensors, rectifier tubes and rectifier bridges;
2£©LED industry: conductive silver glue and epoxy castable for LED light emitting diodes; Pouring and sealing of digital tubes and code tubes; Epoxy pouring and sealing materials for LED lighting, etc.;
3£©Power devices: bridge rectifier, thyristor, automobile rectifier, IGBT, motorcycle voltage regulator, etc.;
4£©One-component epoxy adhesive: potting, bonding and sealing for relays, small transformers, inductors, network transformers, etc.; air gap adhesive for inductors, transformers, etc.
5£©All kinds of motor potting: The potting and sealing of servo motor, linear motor, motorized spindle and air compressor motor;£»
6£©New energy vehicles: The potting and sealing of drive motors, controller capacitors, vacuum DC contactors of new energy vehicles;
7£©Epoxy adhesive film: Applied in microelectronic industry such as surface acoustic wave filter

The company specially employs a Japanese team to put forward suggestions to Jialine from the perspectives of technology research and development, manufacturing management, quality management, etc., so as to continuously improve and upgrade product requirements, with a view to being in an invincible position in a complex and changeable competitive environment.
With the development of electronics, electrical appliances, microelectronics and other industries towards miniaturization and precision, liquid epoxy packaging materials are also developing rapidly towards high temperature resistance, high filling, high thermal conductivity, low stress, high and low temperature resistance, damp and heat resistance, high pressure cooking resistance, environmental protection and flame retardant, etc. With dreams in mind and full of passion, Jialine team will continue to move forward in accordance with the concept of ¡°being good at honesty, being good at specialization and being good at diligence¡±.

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